Experience with LG Concrete

We were referred to Lino Gomez by our painting contractor and have worked with him and LG Concrete now for a couple of years through (3) separate residential scopes here at our home.
Lino has worked from simple Schematic Sketches and from detailed drawings and in all (3) projects he has out-performed our expectations.
From sketches, he has translated our intent and met both the quality and design aspirations for the new concrete elements of our yard-scaping.
From more detailed drawings, what we had envisioned, including what we had over-looked, has been considered and addressed.
The pours, with integral color added, have turned out with a color and finish consistency that is unmatched in our ‘pre-LG Concrete’ work scopes.
Areas that required radiused elements and installation of pre-cast pavers have been beautifully executed.
The estimating, scheduling, installation and clean-up have been faultless and the LG Concrete crew and office staff have all been a pleasure to work with.